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It was stupid
Silly of me to even dream
Even think
That someone as fucked up
As screwd up
As damaged
As me
Could ever hope to get better
Could ever hope to find a shelter
In a mind tainted with the thoughts
And words that continuously play
Like the sickening melody of my heart beat.
That scrape against the walls of my skull like nails on a chalk board.
I’m dead.
When have I ever been alive
What is alive?
Is it that annoying thumping in my chest
is it the blood that I make pour out of my veins
is it the smile that I put on day by day by fucking day the lets you know I’m still here.
I’m not here
I’m nothing
I was never something
why do I continue to allow this life that is not mine to continue
why do I continue
what is it keeping me here
I don’t know
While I see these scars heal I think to myself this is the only thing that I have to  let me know that I’m still here
I’m still alive
And I continue on but

Just saw breaking dawn…


I always have that sinking feeling…

That when I tell my mom I’m in love with a girl she’ll say she hates me.

Its my birthday wednesday.

I’m gonna be 17……………. finally. I’m excited but not overly excited. Ill be 17 whop de doo. I have practically spent the last\  year and half on tumblr so I don’t think I have much to show for being 17 (a year away from 18). I’m a little confused about what I should do with my life now. I’m really just at a stand still. Tell me tumblr what should I do?

You ever want 2 people but they’re both being stolen away by the same person unknowingly…sad sad state of affairs

You guys ever just think that “wow, I was born in the wrong time/place/era.” Because everything you live by or ever thought was a lie.

The past needs to stay in the past.

Don’t have me relive it if you aren’t going to deal with the consequences

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I was shedding tears earlier
I know, me too :’( This has been one of the most awful days for Larry TT_TT I don’t eve know what to think.

I Really hope our ship is a submarine because its slowly sinking like the fucking titanic! Ahh *sobbing uncontrollably*

Tell me 1 Direction didn’t break up?!

Please tell me they didn’t! I cant stop crying…